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Evoshare cash-back Program
« on: August 26, 2016, 04:14:35 PM »
Iíve been looking for more ways to increase my savings and think that all the info on these forums will be really useful! I currently have a Fidelity IRA ( in addition to my employerís 401k account, and Iíd also like to share with everyone a great service I found called EvoShare ( They allow you to earn cash-back by shopping and eating at local businesses, which they put into my IRA (and I believe they also work with 401k acctís too!) Itís definitely help me with retirement and I havenít needed to change the ways I spend my money, which I think is really awesome. I definitely recommend it to my fellow savers in the Bay Area.

Essentially, Evoshare is able to track my spending at businesses who are a part of their service, and gives me 2-15% back from my purchase, which is transferred into my IRA, so that cash-back can significantly grow over time. What might start out as a 50 cent return for buying a cup of coffee can become over ten dollars when I retire, basically outweighing the purchase completely! Right now they work primarily in the San Francisco Bay area, but I believe they will soon be expanding to many cities across the country.