Author Topic: Chase - $200 bonus for new checking accounts + $150 for new savings account  (Read 380 times)

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I see a couple other similar posts so in case anyone is interested...

Chase is offering a $200 bonus for opening a new checking account and setting it up with direct deposit.
They are offering another $150 for setting up a savings account and parking 10K in it for 90 days.

Here's a handy link:   

Full Disclosure: Chase is bribing me with $50 for each of my first 10 friends who sign up.  That said, I've been reasonably happy with Chase for the past several years.  I use their checking account for daily expenses and keep a few hundred in savings for unexpected issues.  Free services, ubiquitous ATMs. debit card works in Europe.  They do charge a fee if you use a non-Chase ATM.