Author Topic: Car Pool Apps for Better Commuting  (Read 419 times)


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Car Pool Apps for Better Commuting
« on: August 25, 2016, 11:56:28 AM »
First, links to services that I am aware of:
Scoop | Easy Custom Carpooling
Waze Carpool

My employer recently rolled out a partnership with Scoop offering discount carpool rides as a commuting benefit. I didn't pay it much attention, but got a flat tire on my bike one day, remembered all their promo material, and thought I'd give it a shot. I've been pretty impressed, and while it may still not be good as biking, it is a nice lazy alternative, puts off fixing the bike tire, and even earns a little cash if I want.

From the passenger side, it's pretty nice, similar experience to taking an Uber or Lyft, but cheaper. The three times I've been a passenger, the pick ups were easy, nice to chat with the drivers, and because we were together, we whizzed home relatively fast in the carpool lane. As a passenger, it's a nice direct route.

I got curious, and on a couple days I had personal errands to do during the day, I figured I would drive to work and try as a driver. Also pretty nice as a driver, and you make a few bucks (I think I made $10 for one day of commuting, so it pays for gas and then some). The people that the algorithm matched me with, were on my route, but I wouldn't say I would have gone that way if I wasn't using the carpool app. Both times because of the times I was driving and where my passengers lived, the carpool lane benefit was minimal. I think the carpool lane benefit is the biggest draw as a driver, and it's hit or miss depending on how the algorithm matches you.

The nice thing is, it definately did make me feel less guilty about taking the car into work. Give them a shot if you are curious, I've been pleasantly surprised. If you decide to try scoop and feel like using a referral code, you could use SAJENDRA1MH if you want, both you and I would get $20, but I think it's also a good way to reduce single person car-rides.