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Re: Buy a Mustachian Gun? Or Facepunch Me
« Reply #50 on: July 09, 2018, 08:53:52 AM »
This is a list of homocides per country, so also including non-gun homocides (couldn't find good data on gun-related only in my quick search). Seems like a whole bunch of African countries scores lower than the USA regardless of their 80%+ of black population. 

Now these aren't minorities in this case, but neither are the black people a major minority in many Latin countries with the highest homocide rates (or do you consider hispanics as black too?!)

The majority have MUCH higher crime than the US and keep in mind the US rate would be reduced by about 50% without the murders blacks commit.Many of the african countries that report lower rates likely do not keep accurate statistics i.e. liberia and burkina faso(burkina faso seems to claim the lowest rate in the world.) I don't think % black is the only factor in a countries crime rate, but it is obviously very strongly predictive. Other factors like strength of rule of law also matter.

In brazil, the insane murder rate is mostly blacks killing people.
Is there a multicultural society where we don't see the same pattern? I am genuinely curious. I know in london its the same as the US.

Given that you've many times stated that black people are the reason for murders in countries . . . do you believe that this is because blacks are genetically inferior to other races, or is it because they are culturally inferior?

I don't think black people are "inferior" to whites at all. Just like I don't think whites are "inferior" to north east asians. People being different from one another doesn't make one group "inferior." People are often taught these discrepancies are caused by poverty, but Raj Chetty's recent study revealed this isn't remotely true and that race predicts violence independently of poverty. I am not surprised this thread is basically a canadian dog pile because like I said, you guys don't really get what certain areas of our country are like and how people behave.

I have no idea what you think (still can't read minds, unfortunately).  However, you have written several times now that black people commit more murders than any other race.  This is an undesirable trait and you have explicitly linked it to race over any other factor.  In your response above you've mentioned an article that you claim links violence to race independent of poverty (the article that you failed to link says no such thing in fact:, I assume this is why you omitted it).  Can you please provide the evidence you're using that demonstrates the inferiority of the black race regarding murder/violence that you have claimed?

Every olympics since 1984 the finals of the 100 meter dash has been 100% black people. I'm curious how you would explain that phenomenon?

I don't know, I haven't studied it.  Is there a measurable genetic advantage in a small population of black runners?  Is it just happenstance . . . something that culturally or environmentally is conferring advantage?  No idea.

Is this entirely a red-herring attempt to distract from your previous comments though?  Absolutely.  So I'm not sure if there's much point delving deeper into the question.
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Re: Buy a Mustachian Gun? Or Facepunch Me
« Reply #51 on: July 14, 2018, 08:27:45 AM »
To answer the ?s, I suppose it's about a 50/50 mix of feeding the consumerist desire and home defense, maybe slightly more of the former. I have more stuff now, more to lose, and someone spending a lot of time at my place that I'd want to protect in the worst situation. But I have to admit that there's also a lot of "it would be fun to buy it and I have some money right now." So I guess I could see the pros and cons of either decision. The fact that I know nothing about guns just makes the decision a little more complicated and nuanced than it would be otherwise.

The problem with the "defense" argument, is that(assuming one is not a criminal) statistically, the person most likely to be shot with a gun you own is you(or someone that lives with you), not the hypothetical person trying to invade your home.  The most effective way to make your home safer is with things like a sercurity system, better locks on doors/windows, etc. - NOT a gun.  If you enjoy hunting/sport shooting as a hobby, then by all means purchase a gun (and take the training classes, and store it safely) - but the notion that gun ownership makes you safer in your home simply is not supported by data.

Consider the following (using relatively recent available statistics - 2010-2012 average)

Gun Deaths:
Homicide: 11256
Suicide: 20012
Accidental: 582

Nonfatal Gun Injuries:
Assault: 48534
Self-Harm: 3606
Accidental: 11529

(Source: )

Number of Burglary-related homicides (Based on slightly older data): <500 per year.

Also, nearly 2/3 of burglaries where violence occurred involve (former) intimate partners, (former) friends, family members, and acquaintances.  The random break-in by a stranger only accounts for ~1/3 of incidents.

(Source: )
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Re: Buy a Mustachian Gun? Or Facepunch Me
« Reply #52 on: Today at 07:18:47 AM »
Just put a 25ct "I love NRA" sticker on your door. Any thief will skip your house. Especially if you might be home. Unless you're very overtly rich. Then they will shoot you first just to be sure.