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Air China
« on: January 05, 2019, 06:52:28 AM »
I had always avoided the chinese airlines for travel despite their cheap prices because of the negative reviews and poor reputation. However now that I'm working and don't have the leisure of flexible travel times I ended up buying tickets with air China because they were literally half the price of the other airlines during the Christmas peak periods and I got an extra 10% off for a promotion  (which they seem to have semi regularly) For me and the two kids it was less than 3k aud sydney to Europe for Christmas period.
  It also included a free hotel for one layover as I arranged an extended stopover to see the pandas. The big surprise was that it's a decent airline, the plane was clean and modern, the staff were professional and friendly and the food alright. Nothing like qantas or singapore but more like Malaysian, alitalia or Thai and far better than the US airlines, aeromexico and other low quality carriers. I'll definitely be taking future as they are so economical, I don't know why they have such bad reviews but my mother in law also has flown China southern and also had good things to say. Perhaps the reviews are old but thought I'd let people know who may have been avoiding them like I was.