Author Topic: Post FI Withdrawal Strategy / Healthcare / Home Purchase / Real Estate Cashflow  (Read 444 times)


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I've read many articles that skim the surface on the topics I've mentioned above, but I'm searching for the following:

Post FI Withdrawal Strategy - I have quite a few investment accounts, some pre-tax, some post-tax, some cash, some stocks, etc. I am interested in seeing a template or a strategy or some guidance on how to prioritize and stagger the distribution of cash flow Post-FI through life expectancy.

Healthcare - I have read some articles on ACA. Is there a post, article or guide you have found helpful to minimize the cost of ACA? I am a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 children under 18). I'm planning to keep post-FI annual income at less than $78,000 married filing jointly. Planning to live in Florida. I'm trying to figure out how to budget my expected monthly medical costs as accurately as possible to determine my FI date.

Home Purchase - My original thought was to pay cash for my home to keep monthly expenses down to achieve my 25X FI number sooner, but I've been debating on this. Are there any topics/posts/articles you've found helpful in making this decision?

Passive Real Estate Income - I expect to go FI with at least 12 rental properties generating about $300/mo per unit in net cashflow. The mustachian calculator on the MMM website assumes 7% portfolio growth and 3% inflation by default. Is there another calculator out there you've found helpful to include rental real estate income cashflow in determining when you can achieve FI?

All comments and suggestions are appreciated.