Author Topic: Nomadic FIRE with kids  (Read 1416 times)


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Nomadic FIRE with kids
« on: November 14, 2017, 03:56:03 PM »
Is there anyone out there who has FIREd and now lives a nomadic life with younger dependent children? How do you do it? How old are they? Where do they go to school? See Family, etc...

My SO and I have to goal of FIRE-ing but feel that it would be impossible to split time between 2 locations with young kids.


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Re: Nomadic FIRE with kids
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2017, 10:43:38 PM »
Go curry cracker has a blog as well about traveling the world with a toddler.


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Re: Nomadic FIRE with kids
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2017, 08:05:49 AM »
I've seen lots of people and blogs of "FIRE'd with school-age kids" and "nomadic FIRE'd with small kids."  I've only seen one blog where the FIRE'd parents had school-aged kids, and that was a long time ago.

Once the kids are in older and school, the traveling habits become very different, and I wouldn't call it nomadic. 


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Re: Nomadic FIRE with kids
« Reply #3 on: November 20, 2017, 01:37:01 AM »
Currently nomadic FIREd, hoping to have kids in the very near future, so I have thought about this a lot.

We are currently planning on staying nomadic for at least the  beginning. Obviously slowing down considerably for the first ~6 months or so, and then moving a bit more, but will probably never again travel as actively as we have the last few years. We're thinking there's no real reason to get a base til at least the kid gets to school age, and perhaps not even then. Stay places long enough to get our kid some social interaction, long visits with family, homeschooling some, enroll in school wherever we are sometimes.

Obviously we have no idea how this will work out in practice, but so much depends on the specific child and family that there's only so much planning and research you can do. Mostly we're just expecting to see how it goes and figure out what works best for us.


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Re: Nomadic FIRE with kids
« Reply #4 on: November 22, 2017, 07:51:15 AM »
We are currently planning on staying nomadic for at least the  beginning. Obviously slowing down considerably for the first ~6 months or so, and then moving a bit more

Actually it is much easier to travel during that first year than any other time, especially if they are breastfed. The food travels with them and other than some clothes, you don't need to bring along a lot of things. They also sleep a lot. As they get older, they don't sleep as much, need more things to help contain/care for them and need more stimulation to entertain them.  As our kids got older, I found we traveled less until they were almost teenagers and were capable of being more independent and then our travels started increasing again.


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Re: Nomadic FIRE with kids
« Reply #5 on: November 22, 2017, 08:30:58 PM »
I agree, the first year you travel pretty light. My ex and I went to Japan with my girl at 3 months and came back 9months later. Think minimalist and moustachian, and its pretty easy. Baby carriers at that age are stellar, like the Baby Bjorn or Ergo baby ones. The main thing is access to being able to wash clothes and possible cloth nappies if you use them. The hardest thing is if you need a car seat. Babies and small children sleep anywhere, on anything. Just follow careful principles to avoid SIDs risks in babies.

Until about 18 months they really need few actual toys and what they have a small light and simple. A good quality teddy (get a good quality one), a small soft ball, random objects, and you, is what they spend most their time on! Books are important too, but many are small, and you can stick with a few and keep rotating for weeks without them getting bored, there are also books and things on phones and tablets that work.

18 months to about 4 years is more challenging. They need lots of attention and start getting bored easily. But its not impossible. Build a sense of the outdoors and exploring in them. Go to Libraries, museums, zoos, art galleries (where there are all often activities for small kids, so you don't need to supply stuff yourself!). I'm finding from 4, at pre-school age, my girl is getting quite independent at home, in which case some stuff for her to work on by herself is invaluable. She's good with big-kid lego now, which doesn't take much space really. Yoga is fun. She loves art and drawing... go with exercise books and keep the materials minimalist, teach them to sharpen their good set of ~15-20 pencils and not drop them, teach them to put lids back on their textas so they don't go bad. Books that teach basic writing, numbers, arithmetic, puzzles etc for pre-schoolers are great, cheap, and go a LONG way. At this age they operate tablets really well by themselves, though I try to minimise screen time a bit if I can for now (I think a bit is of course invaluable in building up tech skills and familiarity with technology).

If you are fit, strong and healthy, flexible, moustachian, minimalist, your children will learn to be that too from an early age. I think this is really important.

School is 40 weeks of the year in Australia (and similar elsewhere), leaving 12 weeks for you to be nomadic and travel. Its often possible to take extra weeks off in consultation with teachers. I'm often not sure (personally) if it would be worth being Nomadic entirely and putting my child fully through home schooling, given the extra work on my part to affect the home schooling. Thinking Pareto principle and similar, cost-benefit, etc. (bear in mind I am early on my path towards FIRE and probably won't get there until my daughter is almost finished schooling for me this is hypothetical).


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Re: Nomadic FIRE with kids
« Reply #6 on: November 23, 2017, 01:16:50 AM »
My wife, now 9 year old daughter and I have been FIREd and slow traveling full time since May, 2016.

We've put our daughter into school for between 1 month and a full semester in three places we've visited, so far. Right now, she says she doesn't want to go to school, so we've just been reading to her, talking about the countries we're visiting, and trying to facilitate her having contact with other kids, either in person or through Skype.

Through the FB Worldschoolers group we're in contact with lots of other families who are also traveling around the world with their kids. Most of the families we've met up with in person aren't FIRE. Some of them are just taking a year or two off from working to travel with their kids. Others work online or have their own businesses which allow they to be location independent.

Families on the Move and Location Independent Families are two other FB groups we've gotten lots of useful information and support from. There are many others as well. Some are specific to a certain type of travel, for example full time RV travel.

Not sure how long we'll continue traveling, but probably for at least another year or two, maybe longer...


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Re: Nomadic FIRE with kids
« Reply #7 on: December 03, 2017, 09:37:16 PM »
Iíd love to but my 14 year old daughter isnít going to have any of that. Plus we just adopted a silly old cat. I guess no nomadism for a while... we tryntog eat away on every vacation though. Not the entire summer, but some of it...