Author Topic: At what age you are FIRE'd / planning to FIRE and when did you hear about FIRE?  (Read 6975 times)


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1. At what age did you FIRE'd or planning to FIRE?

I should be bare-bones FI by 31 (3 years). I like to work and stay busy, so will likely not retire for many years beyond that. It's the FI part of FIRE that I'm most interested in.

2. When did you hear about FIRE and started planning for it?

I had always been a big saver, but read ERE a little over a year ago which brought things into clearer focus and started to define what FIRE might look like for me.

3. Top 3 goals

Maintain a healthy physical lifestyle, maintain a healthy mental lifestyle, give back to my community.


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Found ERE/MMM Dec 2011 and drank the kool-aid and committed to follow the path Jan 2012
Retired aged 60 in October 2018, 6 years and 10months later.
Top 3 goals ( what only 3?) :
-improve my physical and mental health and well being
-learn and try new things, mainly currently in relation to my homesteading lifestyle
-get out of my comfort zone and create new or re-kindle long term relationships.


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1. Firebattical at 31, again at 33, and might be going back to work soon.

2. First heard about the idea at 12/13. It wasn't called early retirement, and there wasn't a community, just a rich dude who flung off his earthly possessions and traveled the world writing about the underground economies of the countries he visited.

Read ymoyl at 28, which led to mmm/ere/bogleheads.

3. My main goals were travel, activism, and visiting friends. They've shifted after doing that for a while. Now it's long-term relationships, mental health, and charity/activism.
And wearing pants ;-). The nice thing about FIREing early is that your plans (and life) can be constantly evolving to embrace new things and experiences that you may not have the opportunity to engage in when working a job you need to support yourself.  Your life when FIRE isn't any more set in stone for life then it is when job dependent. Even less so.

Pajama pants these days!

Missy B

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I learned about FIRE at 10 years old, when I calculated how quickly my money would double in my savings account, which was then at 10% interest. (I'm old.)
I didn't know how much money it took to live at that time, but it struck me that  if I spent less than I made, and saved it all in my savings account at 10% compound interest, that some day I could live off the interest. And then I wouldn't have to work. Not that I hated the idea of working, but the idea of *not having* to do something had quite a bit of appeal.

But not retired yet.


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1. At what age did you FIRE'd or planning to FIRE?

I F.I.R.E.'ed at age 47.

2. When did you hear about FIRE and started planning for it?

I heard about F.I.R.E. through YNAB maybe about 6 or 7 years ago.  Didn't pay much attention.  But when my work became unbearable, I searched the web which led me to ChooseF.I. around 2017.  I crunched the numbers and I was already regular F.I.  So, I worked for two more years and F.I.R.E.'ed - no regrets!

3. Top 3 goals
- lost ~15 lbs, trying to maintain a healthy diet now that the weight is off
- getting my work/stress-related health issues managed
- cultivating close but neglected relationships


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Checked out of the workforce and got away from a paycheck a few years ago at 57.   Still serve on board of directors of a company which requires a day or two per month and play around doing farm work.
Never heard of FIRE untils reading a few forums like this, but certainly understood early retirement.

My goals are just continuing to do all the fun things we do; lots of hunting and fishing trips, vacation travel, spending time at our other properties, playing around the farms, enjoying the kids and grandkids, trying to stay healthy.   I like not living to a schedule and taking off and doing things rather spontaneously, without plans.   


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Planning to FIRE shortly after 55th birthday.  Been planning it for about 8 years now.  Been counting the days for most of that 8 years.


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1. At what age did you FIRE'd or planning to FIRE?  47-49ish, I'm working a well paying job now and I'm planning on doing that for the next 3 years saving as much as I can.  Then graduate school, and letting my funds just grow without me adding anything or taking anything out.   Then I am switching to a new career, that pays less, but is more rewarding.  I should have enough stashed then that I can choose to work full time or part time, so that will give me some flexibility. I doubt I would have the funds to not work at all (or it would be very tight), but that's not the plan for me anyways. 

2. When did you hear about FIRE and started planning for it?  in 2014 I heard about FIRE, but I didn't really understand what I was supposed to do and why that was a benefit.  Being frugal by nature, I had more money coming in that I could spend,  I just didn't know what to do with it.  By 2016 it all started to make sense, I read YMOYL and started my wallchart and started tracking, then MMM and I started with Betterment (that's when it dawned on me that I could make money without doing anything), after about 6 months of Betterment I switched to Vanguard.  Then I got a well paying job that I hated, and that kicked my butt in gear, as I began to realize that the profession I chose in my 20s was not something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  I would have normally just focused on making loads of money until I retired, but once I started to pursue my passion outside of work, I decided that I wanted to make a career shift instead when I am able.   It definitely took me awhile to figure out what that new career shift would be though, I spent years in "I hate my work but I don't know what else to do" mode.

3. Top 3 goals
Buy a house for once, or better yet, buy land, design and build my own house and huge garden with fruit trees.  I've been a renter up to this point, and I'm in my 40s  (I am so sick of sharing walls with other people)
Make a difference in the lives of people and the planet. 
Learn, learn, learn  (I'm someone who would have been a perpetual student if I could afford it)

and as another poster said "Do all of this without rushing!"
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1. Planned on FIRE age 42 originally (2030) but now I think Iíll pull the plug closer to 39 in 2026/2027 when I hit FI. From there I will work for myself part time at least until my kids are out of the house - but Iím thinking 8-12 hours a week initially. Kids should be out of the house when I am mid to late 50s. Have my first on the way this spring.

2. Heard of FIRE/MMM in 2016 when reading about the stock market, kept seeing articles which referenced MMM and started reading the blog - I was about to payoff $100k in student loans in 2018 and was looking at what the next steps were. I knew nothing about the stock market and only had a few grand in my 401k. I started maxing all my retirement accounts in 2017 and hit 0 net worth in April 2018.

3a. Be a role model for my kids, help them create an honest life and be educated
3b. Take care of my parents and in-laws as they age, provide for my parentís retirement
3c. Take care of my wife, make sure she achieves her goals/dreams an is comfortable
3d. For me: Snowboard trips to Alaska, Japan, the Alps, and Chili, homestead, design my own home, manage rentals & build up a portfolio, build an indoor skatepark, learn piano & Chinese, travel slowly and extensively, learn to surf, catch 10,000 sunsets, see the northern lights, drive a Porsche at a track a few times.

If I can do all of that I can die without regret.


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1. At what age did you FIRE'd or planning to FIRE? Shortly before my 39th birthday.

2. When did you hear about FIRE and started planning for it? About 12 years ago. I've always been a saver but not much an investor. So, I changed my strategy, took on more risk, be more active in getting higher paying jobs.

3. Top 3 goals
- Be a better person mentally, emotionally, physically every single day. Get out of my comfort zone.
- Spend more time with loved ones.
- Fix my personal/mostly childhood issues that I still carry on to this date.

time is money

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1. At what age did you FIRE'd or planning to FIRE? Plan is 5 years from now. I will be 42. My wife 36

2. When did you hear about FIRE and started planning for it? Heard about it about 2 years ago. I was quite fed up with work and just told myself - can't do this til age of 65. It was actually MMM site that I bumped into at that moment. It took a while to read through the blog posts and getting familiar with the concept and maths. Properly with monthly investments started to focus on the plan just from March this year.

3. Top 3 goals

- First of all I am excited and looking forward about living the life with not spending 9 hours daily in office chair
- Change of lifestyle - spend more time outdoors, camping, kayaking, travel, gardening, fishing etc
- Spend more time with family and friends. I am living in a different country now, meeting parents and sister only once a year or so. I will retire in my home country - therefore hoping to spend more time with them and meet them more frequently than now.


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1. Planning to FIRE whenever the Covid-19 situation improves - at the age of 31 or 32 (depending on how long this lasts). I'm immunocompromised, so my husband and I are taking quarantine pretty seriously. Might as well work while we have nothing better to do!

2. I heard about FIRE and started planning for it when I was a 24 year old miserable BigLaw associate. Luckily, even without FIRE, I managed to escape the legal profession within a few years and have been much happier and healthier for it.

3. Top 4 goals: Health; Maintaining old relationships and fostering new ones; Figuring out some way to really give something back to society / focusing on impactful charity work; and Starting a family