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It's been an interesting week for electric and advanced hybrid vehicles. 
Volvo announced that it will stop making traditional combustion-engine cars in 2019 (one model year away), and Tesla's more affordable 'model 3' is finally arriving.
Volvo plans a mixture of plug-in hybrids and full electric vehicles.  Tesla is obviously all-electric.
At least to me it feels like we've recently hit a critical point.  I've recently noticed quite a few 'regular' fuel stations (albeit the larger ones) adding some fast-charge capacity.
'Range anxiety' seems to be fading for many and along the main corridors it seems pretty easy to plan even a multi-day trip.

Just interesting is all...
story on Volvo
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Also, France recently announced that by 2040 they will fully ban the sales of both gas and diesel powered vehicles.
Much further down the timeline, but still pretty significant.  Perhaps by 2040 it will be a non-issue anyway.

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Well, Tesla is kind of stumbling as they try to scale.  They were supply constrained on construction of their biggest battery packs.
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