Author Topic: Internet cable company fails to disconnect my service  (Read 66 times)


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Moving/selling our home, so called internet cable service provider on 4/15 to request a service disconnect on 4/19.  My last bill statement was through 4/22 so I expected a slight refund of the couple days I over paid.  They said they needed 7 days notice to disconnect (such BS), so disconnect would happen on 4/22 (today).  The phone rep also said she would mail a box to my address by 4/18 so I could return their modem (yes, I deserve a facepunch for renting a cable modem).

Today (4/22) I call the company to let them know that I didn't receive the box for returning the modem, and asked where I could mail it myself.  Phone rep said she didn't show any disconnect schedule on my account, and I argued that no, that is what I called last week on 4/15 to request.  She schedules a disconnect for 4/29 and tells me to take my modem to a UPS store and have them handle it for me for free.

I'm not going to pay $20 for another week of service so after work today I'm just going to drive to their local office and drop it off in person.  Account closed!