Author Topic: Surfing! Mustachian tips for cost effective stoke  (Read 82 times)


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Surfing! Mustachian tips for cost effective stoke
« on: February 17, 2018, 10:47:35 PM »
Surfing is my passion. 
Humans are surrounded by waves - light, sound, microwave.  Ocean waves are the only ones that move slow enough for us to ride upon.

Any stoked mustachians out there?

Surfing doesn't have to break the bank, even if you live somwhere temperate requiring wetsuits.  Some tips:

Craigslist to the rescue as usual.  If there are waves nearby, there are surfers selling boards.  Your dream board is out there for a small fraction of new.  Similarly, the old board your skills have progressed past is someone else's dream board, and resale value is strong, pass the stoke along.   When just getting started a 7 foot+ board, preferably soft foam, is enough to get started.  Softtops go for $100 or less and fiberglass a bit more. 
Avoid boards with delamination (top layer of glass separating from foam) and be prepared to learn how to repair damage yourself.  A well maintained board will last years/decades.  Phix Doctor makes a zero VOC UV-activated repair kit safe to use indoors and cleans up with soap and water.  There are tutorials online, make sure your board is watertight before taking it out.  no wax and stickers dont work.

If you need wetsuits(temperate climates), Xcel offers high quality products with great longevity.  The MSRP is through the roof, though.  Fortunately, you dont have to pay MSRP.  Deal websites sell old model year wetsuits for 30-70% of new.  Steepandcheap, leftlanesports, backcountry, tactics are all great online retailers. 

I got a 4/3 hooded xcel drylock (retail: $450) on leftlanesports for $185 after coupon.  I wear that suit 2/3rds of the year and it's in its 3rd year going strong.  Check their size chart, go up a size if you are between sizes.  Freshwater rinse hang to dry indoors after each use and your suits will last for years.  Xcel's warranty is top notch they will repair damaged suits if you mail them in.

Surfing is my sanctuary.  It's adventure in nature, meditation, and exercise all wrapped into one.  Smile at others in the water and they will smile back - we're all there to share the stoke.

This shot was a fun session a couple weeks ago at a local break.  Water: 38F, air: 25F.  Board from craigslist in like new condition for 50% off.  Suit 60% off.  Boots and gloves from a mom and pop shop on black friday sale 30% off.   Will use them all for years and meticulously maintain them.
Stoke: off the charts.

Happy to answer any questions about surfing and interested to hear any other tips!