Author Topic: Small Daily Acts of Political Resistance  (Read 173250 times)

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Re: Small Daily Acts of Political Resistance
« Reply #1100 on: January 09, 2019, 11:26:09 AM »
Just finished calling both senators and my rep to say that this shut down is ridiculous and the boarder wall is also ridiculous. I managed to leave messages that were only somewhat rambling (as opposed to just screaming obscenities into the phone which would better suit my mood) since I know it's just some staffer that listens to it and adds my message as one more tick in a certain column.

If anyone in Florida wants to get in touch with Rick Scott his number wasn't readily apparent in a google search for me, but it's 202-224-5274.

Thank you for this!  So helpful to have people who live in places that matter (like FL) as opposed to ones that don't (like CA generally, but especially in the all but 7 districts represented by Dems).  I try to tell myself it's important to call, esp because Dianne Feinstein can be unreliable sometimes.  And to say thank you if nothing else.  But it's a lot less motivating.

A couple of days ago I went to a postcarding party to encourage Floridians to sign up for Vote By Mail.  It's mostly Republicans that do it there so we're trying to get more Dems signed up.  Hopefully they'll find voting easier and not miss out due to life events on election day.  I also noted that yesterday was the first day people in FL with prior felony convictions can register to vote (Amendment 4).  I know the Republican legislature was working to try to slow this down in the hopes of thwarting the will of the public, but it sounds like it's going ahead so far, since it was intended to be self-executing.  I saw that ACLU's People Power Team was texting for it yesterday to inform people and encourage registrations and spreading the word.

A lot of opportunity in FL!