Author Topic: Returning to UK - Anyone do a continental move with family - Regrets?  (Read 262 times)


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I'm very strongly considering dragging my family to the UK. I moved to Canada ~8 years ago and miss home.

My greatest fear is that, of course, I'm making a massive mistake, making life harder for all of us.

We're near Ottawa and I hate the climate. This is where my wife grew up, she loves it. We've talked about moving elsewhere in Canada but she's pretty much of the opinion that if she isn't here, she might as well be in the UK (ie, anywhere with a significantly less snowy/less humid/less hot climate is far enough from here that the flight time isn't much different - if you're going to get on a plane anyway - and on balance, work prospects are probably as good for her in the UK).

I'm likely soon to get a job offer, which won't be as much as my wife's current self employment income, but will be fine until she gets on her feet one way or the other in the UK. I'm currently not working (and have looked several times over the years for local employment, and drawn blanks; and always ended up working with people back home... which is exactly what's happening this time, but I am sick of working from home all the time on my own). Now, just today I got a call back from a driving/courier job here, which is somewhat interesting (not "well" paid but gets me out of the house, part time three days a week).

I'm torn. The amount of effort and hassle to move us is large (because the family visa for my wife is a complete PITA these days; have to sell the house - which we need to do sometime soonish anyway - sell everything, really, ugh - and possibly be separated for a few months while the visa app is processed), but once it's done, hurrah. Stay here and... well, without wanting to whine - I don't like the climate. But my wife is doing well. One child in school, with a few friends. If we're going to do it, now seems like the best time, while the children are young.

Any thoughts?