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Open Call For Camping Stories
« on: October 10, 2017, 01:50:11 PM »
Fellow Mustachians, hear my call!

Have you had a great camping experience recently? We all want to hear your story.

I'm putting together a podcast focused on making camping more accessible. I don't know about you but gathering all my gear and getting out the door is the easy part. Finding a place to camp, researching trails, figuring out what fun day hikes we can do, if the kids will enjoy it, if it's too strenuous to bring a buddy, etc all take WAY more time. I would love if there were a podcast resource I could go to and listen to someone else who has already figured that out and then recreate their adventure.

If you're willing to share your camping story (it could be backpacking, car camping, bike packing, at a music festival, etc) and are comfortable being recorded via Skype, please let me know below. I'll reach out via a message to get things set up.