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New: 100+ Posts to Post in "Off Topic" Boards
« on: March 12, 2019, 02:39:05 PM »

Greetings, friends!

In today's political climate, discussions have become increasingly contentious, and this has affected people's enjoyment of the forums here.

The primary purpose of the MMM forums is for people to have a friendly chat and learn from others with similar values regarding money, waste, and Mustachianism in general.

Money is an often political topic, and we prefer to allow these sorts of discussions. However, it is a not infrequent occurrence for people to sign up for the forums solely to argue and troll political topics. This is not the purpose of these forums. If your only reason for being here is to discuss these sort of issues, there are better venues for you to inhabit.

Thus, we are instating a new policy: To post in off topic threads, or start an off topic conversation, you must have at least 100 posts elsewhere on the forums. We'd like you to participate in our community and be "on topic", in other words, before you go "off topic." If your only interest is not being on topic, why are you here in the MMM forums in the first place?

I apologize to those of you with <100 posts who have something you want to chime in with on these off topic forums. I encourage you to go and participate with the rest of the community and get to know us and what we're about here, and then you are more than welcome to go off topic once you have done so.

We hope this will help cut down on the trolls who sign up and immediately post controversial "opinions" merely to get a rise out of people.

Discussion of this policy here can be found here (an unlocked version of this post where you can give feedback):'off-topic'-boards/

Please post there, or feel free to PM me, or another mod, with any concerns.


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