Author Topic: Have You Jumped Off The Trump Wagon Yet?  (Read 6713 times)


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Re: Have You Jumped Off The Trump Wagon Yet?
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I'm surprised that you think there are so few Republicans on this site. I would think that a culture of careful financial management, LBYM, and wealth-building and personal responsibility would appeal to the best impulses of Republicans as it does to mine.

It would be easy to not associate those characteristics with Republicans given... almost everything we've seen of them at the national level since at least 2001.

This. Fiscal conservatism and responsibility seem to be principles maybe held by republicans but not by Republicans (i.e., the GOP), at least in my adult lifetime (Iím 40).


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Re: Have You Jumped Off The Trump Wagon Yet?
« Reply #101 on: January 07, 2019, 08:28:00 AM »
Speaking of Hillary, and the Clintons in general, I've wondered why everyone accuses them of being corrupt.

I understand they claimed to be bankrupt around the turn of the century and now have an 8 or 9 figure net worth.   Is this large increase in net worth the evidence of corruption?

Republicans don't like the Clintons because they did a lot of things that were considered very liberal at the time (although the Bernie Bros now call them uber-conservatives) and pretty much all their decisions led to tremendous success for the country. It showed that a lot of dopey Republican ideas like flat taxes, killing social security and Medicare, ending the social safety net for the poor, starting pointless wars in the Middle East etc. weren't in the best interest of the country. They have never forgiven the Clintons for that.

I disagree with this assessment.  From my vantage point, most politicians are sleazy; it's just a game of who can gain more power and money legally.  As I see it, there were rape allegations during his presidency, his misconduct in office, Whitewater, people's fears over her e-mails (despite being cleared; it doesn't look good), the DNC & Clinton in bed together to oust Sanders (again, complex issue, but it doesn't look good), Clinton Foundation issues, etc.  I would bet I'm missing a few scandals in there. 

I don't like her, but I still voted for her.  It's fair to be asked why I could overlook these issues (her husband's issues are his own) and vote for her anyway.

In this #MeToo era, Hillary A) stood by someone who AT MINIMUM used his powers to gain sexual favors, and B) took part in smearing the names of his alleged victims. 

Compare that to Trump, who everyone loves to say bragged about "Grabbing them by the..." but in reality, he didn't say he grabbed anyone in particular, nor has he ever, to my knowledge, actually been accused of it.  It was a vulgar and scummy thing to say, but as far as I can tell isn't actually backed up by any real action (okay he had a consensual affair with a Stormy, not illegal) he took. 

So basically, you have someone who bragged about something (in abstract, not even with a specific person) he DIDN'T do, and you have someone else who help enable someone to do actual things that they denied doing.  But the first one is the rapist/sexual assaulter????   

To bring it full circle, the lack of critical thinking by reporters around that has always bugged me about the media.  "Trump said he did something bad that we can't prove he did!  He's horrific!!"  "Clinton was not convicted in his impeachment, nothing to see here!!"

"nor has he ever, to my knowledge, actually been accused of it"

In addition to these incidents others reported, there is credible evidence he raped a 13 year old. Who is now in hiding. Reported that she was threatened if she came out.

And, there are the transcripts from Ivana and Donald's divorce, where in addition to forced sex, he was angry at his botched scalp transplant and attacked her and pulled out clumps of her hair. This information was brought out during the divorce and are in sealed court depositions.

You would support someone like this? You think this kind of person is fit to serve as President as the United States? I hope your mother, sister or daughter never comes across someone cut from the same cloth as Trump.

And while I know I won't sway anyone, Trump does not have any firm political or ethical, or constitutional convictions, other than to enrich himself. So while you may be getting some of what you want with him now, he will bend like a reed to save himself, even if it means betraying the country.  How can I say, not worth it. 
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