Author Topic: New Study Uncovers The Upside Of Retirement Leisure: The Freedom Zone  (Read 2097 times)


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The article is written in sort of a fluffy way, but just a fun reminder of what many on this board are working toward. This of course assumes a mostly traditional retirement age (at least mid-50s) but the overall aspects seem like they would occur at any age. Also, the main problem retirees seem to have is a decline in health, so the earlier and better health one has at the start of retirement would be a happier experience. One of the most interesting aspects is that results seemed consistent across income/wealth those folks who were basically living off SS were about as happy as those living off 100K per year.


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Good article. Thanks.


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Thank you for posting this article. I particularly like the segment in part 1 "Experiences over things and who over what". It is a good way to look at this time of life and consistent with other life living folks like The Minimalists, etc.

Here is part two:


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I think this is why we enjoy the MMM story -- his Freedom Zone should be a long-lasting one.


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Enjoyed both those articles. Thanks for sharing.