Author Topic: Man Lives on a Sailboat in the Carribbean; Mustachian view of money and living  (Read 500 times)


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Cool, short (8 min) documentary on a guy who lives on a sailboat.

I know that sort of life isn't for everyone, but he has some great things to say about money.
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Agreed, great video!  After a friend of mine started giving me sailing lessons on lake Michigan, it was actually the idea of the total freedom in a live aboard situation that initially drew me to the idea of FIRE.  Turned out it's not for me, but in a way, I owe my financial security to that old dream.


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I liked that video, touches on some good points.

If you want a longer form mustachian sailing documentary checkout:

Chasing Bubbles

Young commodities trader living in his van decides to toss in the towel and sail around the world.
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