Author Topic: Long Game: Play a dumb addictive smartphone game, save (your own) real money!  (Read 2220 times)


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I asked a friend what she was up to at a party yesterday, and she told me she is working for a start up that makes saving money into a game!  I've read for years about how it would be a great idea to use the psychology tricks that social media and "smart" phone apps and games use for the positive purpose of getting people to save their own money.

Not only has someone finally done it, but its a personal friend!

And one who, incidentally, I largely introduced the concept of frugality and eventual financial freedom to her just a few years ago, which may or not be related to her ending up with this job.

I haven't started using it yet, but it looks legitimately fun (if you are into smart phone style games).

Its free, and there are no ads, so hopefully my posting the link won't be construed as some sort of marketing ploy:

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I just downloaded this a few days ago. I transferred $150 and used the coins to play games to earn $0.70. The amount of coins they give you to play games with is pretty trivial so now that I'm out of coins I have nothing to do within the app for awhile but it was fun while it lasted! You also earn a tiny amount of interest. Maybe once I feel more confident/comfortable with Long Game I'll transfer a larger amount but right now I'm still figuring it out.