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Kayak Commute
« on: June 08, 2017, 11:16:12 AM »
Is this badass or what?  Guy ditched his 1 hour car commute, uses kayak and hiking instead:
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Re: Kayak Commute
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2017, 11:37:34 AM »
Quite the badass! I l love it.


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Re: Kayak Commute
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2017, 05:41:10 PM »
Adding a folding bike into the mix would really cut down the commute time. Still awesome with the long hike, though.


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Re: Kayak Commute
« Reply #3 on: July 28, 2017, 08:16:50 AM »
I used to live across the lake from my old high school and would canoe there every morning.  It took about 20 min, and either way you went around the lake with a car took 30.  Win-win. 


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Re: Kayak Commute
« Reply #4 on: July 28, 2017, 01:47:18 PM »
If he carried a folding bike on the kayak, his commute to work would probably be a little faster than driving, but his commute home would be much faster - it's downhill to the lake from work. Of course I'm not sure we can call this commute mustashian - he walks past and desires fancypants housing - now if only he ajusted his thinking to, "Wow, I'm probably enjoying this neighborhood more than the car clowns who pay for it" we'd have mustachian thinking here.


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Re: Kayak Commute
« Reply #5 on: July 28, 2017, 02:06:47 PM »
I saw something similar today:

No mention of how he gets home going against that current though...


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Re: Kayak Commute
« Reply #6 on: July 31, 2017, 09:13:38 AM »
I've been thinking it would be so cool to do this! There are some offices/employers right along a river and a joining creek right in my city that you could theoretically paddle too. definitely would want to utilize some sort of folding bike as part of it personally..

More like something I would hope to 'end up with accidentally' than something I would try to intentionally coordinate/strive for, at least in my current city. Because in considering the next place I would live or want to buy a residence there are better living options nearby to those offices/employers, I don't currently work at one of those offices/employers, and don't plan to.
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