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Great food saving ideas
« on: September 29, 2015, 06:38:27 PM »
I like a lot of these, and they are mostly common sense - just two problems, first the link is in french, so get your google translate going or learn a second (third?) language. Second, its from the french equivalent of buzzfeed, so yeah... but anyways, I really like a lot of these.


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Re: Great food saving ideas
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2015, 07:03:48 AM »
1. Onions also like to be put in tights and stockings!

The idea may seem a little absurd, and yet it is not nearly as stupid as it looks: onions can last more than eight months if stored in hanging tights! Just drag them in the tights, and make a knot between each bulb to separate. And it makes a rather original decoration for the kitchen!

2. Separate potatoes, apples and onions.

These three do not mix well together! They produce in effect plant hormones in the form of gas, which oxidizes the other plants. This therefore has the effect of ripening (and rotting) other fruits and vegetables. And if you put them together, it's even worse. Finally, they must be put in solitary confinement: store them in different places, if possible in well segregated and dry boxes.

3. Get rid of mold on berries

What a pity ! When you have purchased beautiful strawberries, raspberries or gooseberries and you find nasty mold on it just days after! What to do to avoid this? It's simple, just prepare a bowl in which you have poured a part vinegar to ten parts water, and washing the fruits in the mix just before placing in the fridge. If you see that your tray begins to contain traces of mold, you can wash fruits in the same way, to cut short the invasion!

4. Honey never rots

Honey is a rot-proof commodity, that is to say, you can keep it for your lifetime without it rotting. To give you an idea of ​​the thing, know that perfectly preserved honeypots were found in Egyptian pyramids ...

This means two things: one, you do not need to put it in the fridge, as your pot is closed you can put it just about anywhere you want. Two, if you make candied fruit in honey, you will keep them very long.

5. Milk does not get bad as fast as you might think

You can keep milk in the fridge three months after purchase, it will still be drinkable and safe for your health. On the packaging, you are advised to drink it fast, but it's simply because the taste will be better. Over time, the consistency changes and the taste is altered a bit ... the best is yet to smell it and see if this sounds good to drink or not!

And if you're still not convinced, know that you can also freeze the milk in the bottle and keep for a year without problem.

6. Having yolks available for one year

In the same way as for milk, egg yolks can be frozen en masse, then be used as and when required. Mix the eggs in a bowl with a little salt, place in a freezer pack, and you only have to take a bit later to put in your stove or in your cakes ...

7. Freeze tomato sauce in excess

I do not know about you but for me, tomato sauce is what goes bad the most in my fridge. The reason is quite simple: most of the time, only a little sauce is used and once the pot is open, the rest of the sauce goes bad very quickly. Unless you eat bolognese pasta every day, it's hard to avoid ... or, put everything in a freezer bag! After evacuating the air by pressing the bag, you can create small portions by separating the sauce with your fingers (as the sauce is thick, it will stay in place). Then you freeze it all, and you get small pods that you can use anytime!

8. Keep fresh herbs

The problem with parsley, chives and other herbs is that a little bit is used. Once you have purchased a bunch of parsley for a recipe, generally, you let it end its days in the crisper, where it eventually rots and turns into an absolutely filthy green mess (admit it, it has already happened to you).

To avoid this, you can cut them into small pieces and freeze them. The best way to avoid herbs browning because of the freeze: freeze them in olive oil. You can then cut into small pieces the block thus obtained to have small pods, handy for cooking and much better than dried herbs!

9. Wrap the tails of your bananas

There is a simple way to extend the life of banana on your shelf: Separate bananas, then wrap each tail in plastic film. This simple operation will enable your bananas to last 4 or 5 days longer!

10. Aluminum foil is your friend

Tired of rotting and softened vegetables in your fridge? Wrap them with aluminum foil! This will allow them to stay fresh and crisp for 4 weeks or more.

11. Cut, blanch, freeze!

Can't finish your bag of 5 kilos of carrots? You do not eat vegetables that often? And, when you are buying, they inevitably end up rotting? The solution is simple: cut into small pieces, blanch in hot water and place all in freezer bags. Most vegetables and fruits are very good as well when frozen.

12. Succesfully keep salad in the fridge

Salad that fades, that turn yellow in the fridge... This is over: wrap salad, lettuce, cabbage and other leafy greens in paper towels! This helps to absorb moisture so that the salad remains crisp and does not fade too quickly ...

13. Keep ginger to infinity

Ginger keeps relatively well in the fridge. But we tend not to use much and forget it's there ... After a while it eventually rots. Just grate your ginger root very finely, and then put everything in a sealed jar that you put in the freezer. It is easy afterwards to take a little pinch and put it in your cakes or in your exotic dishes!

14. Tomatoes do not like the cold

Many people tend to think that placing tomatoes in the fridge will keep them fresh ... Big mistake! On the contrary, tomatoes should ideally be kept at room temperature. In the fridge they shrivel and wither quickly ...

Place your tomatoes in a bowl covered with a paper towel, with the stems pointing upwards.

15. Apples, if properly maintained, can last very long

If kept in good conditions, apples may stay fresh for more than six months without any problems. The ideal is a damp and fresh environment. If you have a basement, you can store your apples, but otherwise the bottom drawer of your fridge will do nicely! Simply be careful to sort and check occasionally to remove apples that are damaged and could "infect" others.

16. Hide your carrots in a sandbox

Have you ever had the idea to bring sand in your kitchen? No ? However, sand can work wonders for all root vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic, turnips ... Just bury them in damp sand, and you keep them fresh for several months longer than normal!

17. Make small portions of ground meat

You buy ground meat in large quantities? If you freeze it all together, you'll have to thaw / refreeze each time, which is very bad (it breaks the cold chain and your meat will become bad, or worse, you could get food poisoning).

Instead, first divide your meat in small portions in a freezer bag (see point 7) before freezing!

18. Do you return your jars of heavy cream , cottage cheese or cream cheese?

A pot of double cream can be kept twice as long, simply by being stored upside down in your fridge. In this way, the whey will cover the bottom. There will be less contact with the air, so the growth of bacteria will be much harder!

19. Throw away your old Tupperware!

Use glass jars to store food instead. The glass does not smudge, the jars are easier to wash and dust does not permeate in time. The food will be even better preserved, and less over time will damage

20. The taste of plastic in cheese? No thanks !

Some cheeses come in plastic packaging. But if you plan to keep some of your cheese to mature, it is highly recommended to take it out of this unworthy packaging! Wrap your cheese in greaseproof paper or kitchen paper.

21. Keep your pineapple upside down

First cut the leafy part. Once the upper part is removed, place the pineapple upside down in order to redistribute sugar present inside the fruit. This will help you keep your pineapple fresh longer!

22. Do you use your refrigerator to its full potential?

By default, most refrigerators have a temperature of 3 C (37.4 F) ... But this temperature can be lowered to 2 C (35.6 F) in order to extend the life of the foods. A small simple gesture, but could save the day!

23. Keep the salad in the fridge for a month? It's possible !

Just cut it and put it in a sealed glass jar to keep it fresh.

24. Leave spring onions and similar white onions grow!

This kind of delicious vegetable can be stored three times longer if left in a glass of water ... and can even regenerate. You cut what you need, and the rest continue to grow!

25. Keep a half-eaten cake fresh

A cake can stay a few days at room temperature, a few weeks in the fridge, and a few months in the freezer. In all cases, a problem remains: if the cake has been partly eaten, the part exposed to the air can harden and become drier. To remedy this, simply place bread slices to cover the sensitive part! The interior will keep all its softness ...

Source: Faithtap
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Re: Great food saving ideas
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2015, 01:05:25 PM »
Good stuff!  You definitely just saved me a few $ :)