Author Topic: Good Mustachian comments heard at work  (Read 1077 times)


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Good Mustachian comments heard at work
« on: February 28, 2017, 03:54:28 AM »
Today my colleague was telling me about her plans to buy a new car. She said that she is very reluctant to spend so much money. She also said that this is a general thing she does, thinking well before spending money, also small amounts. She is also the one that has followed my example of bringing sandwiches for lunch from home.

At the end of the lunch, when we were the only 2 at the table, I told her very generally that my MIL used to be extremely frugal and that MIL and FIL were therefore able to FIRE at 55. I told her that my plan is to also stop working some years before 67 and that I therefore try to save money here and there. I did not get into details about how much we have saved in the past years and that I plan to stop 17 years earlier.