Author Topic: 4-pt Documentary --> The American Nightmare: 10 Years After the Financial Crisis  (Read 1775 times)


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part 1 of the series by the Penny Hoarder site.

interesting look back at the Great Recession


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Favorite line from part 2: "I don't want the American Dream, because that wasn't created for me. I want my dream."


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It looks like a 2-part series, not 4.

I watched them both. My take(some spoiler alerts if you plan to watch it):

I am absolutely amazed at what is considered a family financial crisis in today's world in this country.

I remember stories from my grandparents. Their "bottom", was a case of tomato soup. That was it.... for a month. They still realized how much better they had it than others, many of them close friends. They lived in a basement for 4 years, because my grandfather dug it out himself. They then roofed it while they saved money to build the home. He built that too. They hid their marriage so my grandmother could keep working. Those stories really shaped me. My FIRE way of life was ingrained in me decades before I even heard of FIRE.

Did everyone see the $80,000+ trailer the family of 10 was living in(11 after the update segment), while he was saying some people never learn? Still, I was quite impressed with their ability to survive, and thrive, through music. Kind of reminded me of the Partridge Family.

The woman who lost her $500,000 home, had quite a big pull behind RV in the home she was renting. Take a look at the furniture in the background during most of her interview. I believe the visible furniture in that room alone is comparable to the value of the furniture in my whole house (I need or want nothing by the way).

In the last 2 minutes of the second part,there is a follow up. After 10 years, at age 61, the woman who lost her double wide states she is considering getting a job..... after TEN FUCKING YEARS!!!!!  Even had the "poor me" feel while saying it. Just wow.

Plenty of blame to go around regarding the financial crisis. The common thread........ greed. I want what I want and more of it.

No doubt the 2008 crash devastated families. It looked like half of the documentary families would jump right back where they were if they could. It is only through more stringent loan policies that keep them from going right back to where they were. Talk about being saved from yourself.


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Well done videos.

Yeah, wow, only 2 people mentioned savings, and I suspect that the appraiser was living larger than he/they care to admit


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Posting so I can watch this later. Sounds very interesting.


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