Author Topic: "Sallie Mae Back" artist Dee-1 partners with PwC on financial literacy  (Read 813 times)


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This article is a year old now, but I just saw it today:

Dee-1 said he has heard from countless people on social media about their trials repaying student loans. He said the partnership with PwC made sense because he and the company had similar goals.

“When we finally connected, I was like: ‘Wait, you have a desire to educate people about financial literacy, specifically minorities. I have that same desire. Can we do this together?’ We can, and now we’re doing it,” Dee-1 said.

In recent weeks, the rapper has visited Cardinal Hayes High School in the Bronx, and is heading out across the country to talk to other students about navigating higher-education costs and making sound financial decisions. He said he’s been advising students to know what they want out of college before entering, familiarize themselves with the financial resources available and have a plan for repaying debt if they borrow.

“I’m a young black man, with dreadlocks, from New Orleans, who is a rapper. When I walk into these classrooms with black and brown students and they look at me, they’re like, ‘Wait, that dude is one of us,’ before I even open my mouth,” he said. “My voice is authentic to them, my life experience is authentic to them, so when I hit them with the knowledge, the financial literacy piece, they’re all ears.”