Author Topic: Want to roast coffee? Like-new roaster for sale (Fresh Roast SR500)  (Read 1570 times)


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Contact if interested.

I have a like-new Fresh Roast SR500.  This unit is a small fluidized bed roaster (e.g. air roaster).  I am selling because I upgraded to a larger roaster.  The SR500 is an easy and well controlled way to get into home roasting, which is what I did.

MSRP is typically $179.00.  I will sell for $125 shipping included.

I say like new because:
-The SR500 consists of three parts; the base (does the actual roasting), the chamber (holds the beans), and chaff collector (collects chaff).  -I have a brand new base, as well as a used based (used weekly for ~2 years).  You can have either or both (if you want both I'll have to charge more for shipping).
-The chamber and chaff collector are used, but are not the part of the roast that wears out (the base contains the electronics, heat source, fan, etc...).  In any case, these portions could be replaced if you so desire.