Author Topic: Travel Insurance for Visiting Canada or Travelling Albertans  (Read 762 times)


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As some of you know I have a financial planning business and also recently got licensed to sell life, living benefit, and health insurance. I've recently contracted with two companies that offer travel insurance. The one I'm particularly excited about covers people traveling to (or immigrating to) Canada. If you are visiting Canada this summer, consider contacting me for your travel insurance needs. There are only medical questions if you are over 60. And stable pre-existing conditions are covered. (I'll provide full details of course, if this is a concern for you.)

As far as insurance for Canadians, I'm currently only licensed in Alberta, so you must live here to purchase products from me. I'm in the middle of getting some contracts set-up, but between now and in the near future, I will have options for:
- term life
- permanent life
- disability - including accident, illness, loan, and business overhead
- critical illness - adult and child
- health/dental
- AD & D
- fracture

For all of these I will be contracted with at least two companies, for comparison purposes, and have potential access to lots more. There are options for simplified issue (less underwriting; just questions - usually for busy people or those with health issues) or fully underwritten (medical tests and longer questionnaires - cheaper, good for healthier people who have the time).

I'm a fully independent contractor. I have no quotas with any of the companies. I do receive commission as that's how the insurance industry works right now. So insurance needs analyses and research is free to you. Other financial planning services are on an hourly or project basis.

Questions and quote requests are welcomed.
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