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3rd BIG Tiny House Festival comes to Stoughton!

On September 23 and 24, 2017, New Englandís largest tiny house festival is back and this time itís in Stoughton! For two days, an impromptu tiny house village will form at the Trackside Plaza right next to the train station.

On Saturday there will be scheduled, ticketed preview tours of the tiny houses for enthusiasts who want to miss the lines. Then on Sunday the tiny houses will be joined by food vendors, art activities, local businesses, musicians, tiny house speakers, and more for a day-long free festival.

The BIG Tiny House Festival, which was presented by Mirandaís Hearth in Somerville, MA in 2014 and in Concord, MA in 2016, draws attendees interested in environmental sustainability, economic responsibility, and simplicity from throughout the Northeast. Mirandaís Hearth is a community-based business in Greater Boston that builds community through creativity that is approachable, affordable, and accessible.

From June 2015-July 2016, Mirandaís Hearth built a tiny house as a public art project on the front lawn of The Umbrella Community Arts Center in Concord, MA. This tiny house, affectionately named Aubergine for its purple paint, will be at the 3rd BIG Tiny House Festival this September along with several others.

This year, Stoughton residents Derek Diedricksen of and Dave and Steve Kelley from KC Companies are co-hosting the festival. Diedricksen, who has traveled internationally to speak and teach on tiny houses, is excited to be bringing his passion to his hometown. Stoughton resident Beth McNeill said, ďIím so excited that I have goose bumps. Iíve always thought that living with conservation in mind is the best way for us and our children. Go Tiny Houses! Canít wait to explore everything in miniature!Ē

About Mirandaís Hearth

We are a creative community in Greater Boston whose long-term goal is to become the first community art hotel where everything from the food to the furniture is made by local artists. At the hotel, visitors will be able to buy what they use in their rooms, buy something similar in the gallery, or take a class to learn how to make it directly from the artist. Last year, The Hearth Community built a tiny house as a public art project. Once we have our hotel, Aubergine, the Hearthmade tiny house, will become our first hotel room.

Currently, we host a series of six interdisciplinary creative events: a community potluck, book club, dance night, makers night, writing night, and article discussion group. In addition to our annual BIG Tiny House festival, each year we put on WhatIMake, an annual day-long celebration of local makers. WhatIMake: 2017 will take place on April 22 at Lesley University.

Learn more at or by joining us at one of our upcoming events!