Author Topic: Seeking: 3 month housing in Sahuarita AZ, Green Valley, or southern Tucson.  (Read 1338 times)


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My proposal: I'd like to live in your house and pay you to get out of the desert during the hottest part of the year. I'm happy to play pet sitter if needed, as long as your pet will be ok during the day when I'm at work. You'll return to find everything neat and tidy.

My situation: I have a 12 week post-graduation internship, based at the very northern edge of Sahuarita.  It should run roughly May/June - August,  but start/end dates won't be confirmed until April. My Mustachian instincts say I should find something under $800 that is within biking distance of my job - or as close as possible if I must drive. I would prefer to live alone, and it would be fantastic if I could find a furnished spot. Since summer is not exactly the most desirable time to be in the area, I think renting someone's house while they take an extended vacation would be an ideal solution for all involved.  So, are you up for it?  Know anyone who might be?

One last thing... I'm not keen on unnecessary driving, so I won't be coming out for a meet-n-greet prior to moving in. I am happy to email, text, call, or Skype. Shoot, I'll even give you a virtual tour around my current house so you know I'm not a slob!