Author Topic: Seattle: My all-encompassing barter, sale, & side-hustle (resume & website) post  (Read 722 times)


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I am very new to all of this, so I'm trying out a few things. I'm in the process of selling or trading my remaining collectibles.


Here's what I have available:

-I'm interested in vintage taxidermy from museums (bears, cats etc...). Nothing new.
-Airline miles (Delta) - My wife wants to travel more
-Tattoos (reputable artists employed at a shop)
-VTI or VOO :)

Side Hustle

I am also interested in developing a side hustle.

-I really enjoy building widget-based websites (I use Weebly) for hobbyists and small businesses.
-I love to research for academic articles, hobbies etc…
-I'm available to help with resumes, cover letters, editing etc..
-I'd love to work front of house or management at a tattoo studio. I work in the sciences, so a departure would be fun.