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Seattle FIRE House - Looking for housemates.
« on: May 27, 2017, 07:06:40 PM »
5/30/2017 Edited today for honed desires, market availability, and realistic coordination with the few that this may appeal to.

Do you have an interest in soon being part of house in Seattle with other FIRE folk? If so, we've got that in common.

We were recently/abruptly notified by our landlord that she would like to sell the home we're currently in here in Ballard. The move out date from our current place is June 30th. The abruptness of it is on the annoying side but she has some do not pass go business to settle with the IRS; water under the bridge. That said, the move comes at a good time - my SO is finishing up grad school and has a job in Othello and would prefer a shorter commute on public transport than what is currently offered from here in Ballard. So...

What we're looking for (ideally but negotiable):

Housing: 3-4 2-3 bedroom house (We enjoy our yard and want another one. 2-5 4+ bedroom would maybe be discussable as long as the math is right.)

People: 1-2 people per room. (Around 3-10 potential, with a strong preference to keep it under 8 if the 5 bedroom is a thing just to keep it manageable, AS IF we can dupe that many people to live in one house)

Location: Ideally close to the Link since our places of employment are located near Link stops. So up to a 10minute walk/0.5mile from these stations...
-Capitol Hill (Ridic expensive, I know, just keeping it open)
-Downtown (Not preferred, again just keeping the option open)
-International District
-(If there is a creative housing option in SODO I'm listening)
-North Beacon Hill (Preferred due to being essentially half way for both of us)
-Mount Baker
-Columbia City
A house located any further south than Othello makes for a brutal commute, even on the link.

Cost: Ideally $0-$700-$950&splitting utilities. If it's over $1000 for our bedroom our feet our getting pretty cold.

Lifestyle: We take this FIRE thing fairly serious. We work quite a bit and it fits well with the goal, Seattle is not a cheap place to play. Extracurriculars occur at a lower frequency than normal people may be used to and are generally inexpensive with a few incidentals when the time is right. Generally we appreciate a quieter environment but maintain a healthy available relationship with our other housemates (ie. we don't hide in our room if we're home).

Diet: We are both pescatarian (vegetarian+seafood); having shared food in our current home, it would be nice to have like minded people but not imperative.

Responsibilities: Finally, we currently share household duties (cleaning) and would be willing to talk about continuing that in the future. Just so it's out there, we both are starting to lose faith in people fulfilling these responsibilities and would also be willing to talk about outsourcing this ($).

Stuff: Since we are currently doing a version of this now, we have some household goods that we would be willing to share.

FINALLYFINALLY, About us: I'm a late 20yo and she's a fresh 30. We're both in healthcare and we're gaining on our FIRE number. Speaking of numbers, I am more of a saver and less of an optimal/obsessed with the numbers kind of guy. The lazy/jlcollins wealth building 100% VTSAX is my style for now, but am increasing my awareness/particularities at a comfortable pace. If this post generates interest, no pun intended, and we make the Seattle FIRE house happen I am looking forward to learning from the housemates' strategies and sharing the goal of keeping our costs low.

Alright, if you like what you see let's talk. If there is anyone one out there with their own idea on what kind of place they would prefer to live in we're happy to build off that, just know that we have the preferences noted here. We've got until late June to figure this out.


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