Author Topic: Searching for wood fired sauna heater - Victoria, Australia  (Read 917 times)


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Heya all!

Am planning a home sauna project for the backyard in Warragul, Victoria.

Having lived in Finland for three years, I became totally hooked on the sauna culture there. It's also THE best damn hangover cure in existence [ obviously while boosting your water intake ;) ]

Opting for a wood fired heater, as the whole ritual of splitting the wood, spending the 60 - 90 minutes it takes to fire it all up makes  you earn and enjoy that state of steamy sweaty bliss so much more.

So just wondering if there's anyone out there with a wood fired sauna heater unused on their property they'd be willing to part with.
Not the most common thing laying around in Australian sheds, but always worth a shot.

Willing to pay cash, uninstall, and travel anywhere in Victoria.

Thanks for the interest comrades!