Author Topic: Northern NJ - anybody looking for housing?  (Read 410 times)


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Northern NJ - anybody looking for housing?
« on: May 11, 2019, 01:43:55 PM »
My roommate and I should be moving soon from our apartment in Bergen County to a house I am buying in southern Passaic county.  Our apartment will be available (it's a lovely 2br / 1.5 ba with a one car garage and one car driveway, approx 1300 sq ft including the finished basement). I have an amazing relationship with our landlords and would really like to find someone spectacular for them.  I'm unsure of what it will rent for (my guess is somewhere in the $2100-2300 range), but if you'd like more info please PM me and I will pass on what I can (pictures, location, tour if you're local, and I will eventually know what the rate will be).

We'll also have the top floor available for a roommate in my house. I think it's about 600 sq ft - think 2 room studio with a full kitchen / bath, with access to the rest of the house, finished basement, etc.  The house has more driveway spots than we have cars, so you'll always have a place to park off street (and none of them require car stacking, so you'll never be blocked in). We will be on the first floor and the basement will be a shared common area (laundry, home theater, bar, etc). Given that it's a single family home with shared spaces, we are looking for someone who's interested in helping us with lawn and snow maintenance when necessary. I am planning on having a small garden so if you'd be interested in growing something I expect that can be accommodated. I am happy to help with your vehicle maintenance too. I have two cats already, so no pets is preferable. We're far more interested in finding the absolute perfect fit for this space than we are in filling it quickly. I still have to do some more market research before I lock down my pricing, but right now I would like to be around $1500/mo for this space.

Please PM if you'd like more info!