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Mustachian Mortgages in Utah
« on: April 05, 2018, 08:52:57 AM »
Hey there, mustachians! I don't post much, but I thought I'd share that there is now a mustachian mortgage broker (me) serving Utah. I work for Aspen Hills Mortgage, an independent broker in business since 1999.

Since we're independent from any bank, we just give you the best rate we can find with our lenders. If you want lots of detailed options about what a loan will cost you or if you just want the lowest rate possible so you can invest your money, we can find something that will fit the bill. Plus, you don't have to deal with cross-selling tactics like the banks try.

If you're just looking into buying or refinancing your mortgage, please know that when your credit is pulled for one mortgage application, it opens a 45-day window when you can apply as many more times as you like without any penalty to your credit. This lets you shop around for the best rates.

Speaking of rates, there are two rates you want to be concerned about when shopping: the interest rate (shown in eighths of a percent like 4.125%) and the APR (usually a weird number like 4.834%). The interest rate, of course, is used to calculate how much you'll pay. The APR is what happens when you add up the cost of the loan (lender fees, title fees, closing costs) and then back-calculate to express the total cost to finance the loan as an interest rate. The reason that's important is that you may get the same interest rate from two lenders, but you can tell which one is giving you a better deal because they'll have a lower APR.

I love walking people through the loan process because it is such a huge decision. I understand that there's a lot of information out there, so I'm glad to teach you what I know so you can make the best decision. If that means your loan goes somewhere else, I'll be glad you saved money!

Having read through a lot of comments about mortgage brokers, I'll say a few things up front: 1. brokers (or loan officers) have to be paid a flat percentage of the loan value, regardless of the loan type or interest rate. There's no value in me selling you a mortgage that's a higher rate. 2. Preapprovals should always be free. Our company lets you apply, then you can generate preapproval letters for any amount up to your maximum. That doesn't commit you to using us! You can continue to shop around right up until you sign the closing documents. 3. The only thing we would charge you for is the appraisal fee, none of which comes to our company. It goes straight to the appraisal management company.

Please feel free to respond with any mortgage questions (even if you're not in Utah) or visit my website if you want a quick snapshot of today's rates for a given loan:

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