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Title: Looking for two roommates in Somerville, MA for September 1 (975/mo/each)
Post by: Chester Allen Arthur on July 05, 2017, 06:58:01 PM
I imagine there's rather a lot of engineers here, and there's rather a lot of engineers in the Boston metro area.  Perhaps there's some overlap?

My roommate and I are looking for two more roommates, as two existing roommates are moving out to be closer to their jobs.  The apartment is in an incredible location if you work anywhere on the red line: it's five minutes walk to Porter Square, five minutes walk to Davis Square, and on about 30 bus routes in the same area.  There's two buses to the green line and at least one to the Orange line.  There's two grocery stores in walking distance (one in Davis and one in Porter), several pharmacies, specialty food stores, a huge craft shop, and a hardware store.  If you work a place you can get to by public transit, you will never need a car.  There is street parking for $30/year (not a typo, permits are cheap in Somerville) if you need it, but if you're in the area and want to go car free, this is a great location for it - something mustachians should definitely try.  There's also three bike shops within walking distance - my roommate bikes to work, I just take public transit everywhere.  It's convenient to Tufts (walking/driving distance) and Harvard (Red line).

The apartment itself is nice - pretty standard for the area, which is high COL and has a lot of triple-deckers.  We have part of the 2nd and all of the 3rd floor of the unit - there's a 1st floor unit and another 2nd floor unit, but they have separate entrances and are pretty quiet.  Apartment has 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, fully stocked kitchen with dishwasher, gas stove, garbage disposal, pantry space for everyone, fridge, and several gadgets/tools if you cook a lot (crock pots, standing mixers, and a full set of plates owned by myself and the other roommate.  The apartment has forced air central heat, unlike most apartments in the area which have radiators, and it's so much better.  No central AC but the windows take window units.  We have a living room with couches, a TV, and some game systems where we often hang out.  Apartment itself is in good shape with nice hardwood floors.  We keep the common spaces clean and have a chore rotation we do.

As for the other roommate and myself, we're both 30-year-old engineers that work locally.  We're pretty geeky and have a ton of board- and video-games, as well as a pretty good library of fiction and non-fiction you're welcome to borrow from.  We're generally pretty quiet in the apartment itself, and pretty much go to bed around 11pm.  We don't do any recreational drugs in the house other than very light alcohol use - we're okay with someone that smokes pot (it's even legal now, kind of) as long they don't do it in the apartment and don't come around when they're high, dealing with high people when you're sober is just too annoying.  Given that Somerville is kind of a... groovy... place, I feel the disclaimer on drugs is necessary.

We have two open rooms.  Each room is 975/mo, and we split utilities (gas, electric, internet - no cable, we've got Netflix in the living room) evenly.  it's normally 50-100 extra per person, depending on the season (more in the winter).  It's a year lease, starting September 1 2017.  If you're only one person looking for one room (rather than two looking for two rooms) that's fine, we're looking in several places and will fill the other open room with another singleton.

PM me for more information, or to schedule a visit.
Title: Re: Looking for two roommates in Somerville, MA for September 1 (975/mo/each)
Post by: bop on July 05, 2017, 07:13:38 PM
Hey, I live in Somerville too, a 10-minute walk from Davis Square.  My housing situation is already set. 

You might consider joining the Boston Mustachian group and posting your roommate search there.  Here is the link:!forum/boston-mustachians (!forum/boston-mustachians)
The group also has a meetup once a month (3rd Saturday of the month). 

Good luck! 
Title: Re: Looking for two roommates in Somerville, MA for September 1 (975/mo/each)
Post by: Chester Allen Arthur on July 06, 2017, 06:04:59 PM
Oh, cool.  I'm definitely doing both of those, thanks!