Author Topic: Items For Sale: Issaquah, Renton, Factoria Area (e.g. Seattle Area)  (Read 185 times)


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First time post - I was going to craigslist, but why if I have friends here?  I can get and send pictures of these items if there are items of interest.

1. All carbon fiber (SL3 carbon) aero frame road bike (pedal) - Ultegra componenents - black, 56 or 58 cm size.  (one part isn't carbon fiber near the handle bars ($900 is what i want - but for mustashian - OBO) - this will include an 'in home' rider (put your bike on a stand and you can ride in your home) I also have pants and jacket gortex for rain weather - I may sell that separately
2. pressure washer almost no use, but I brought it over a curb and broke a 5 dollar part - unfortunately it's aluminum so the part and the base need to be replaced (50-75 bucks)
3. I have a oak dinner table - needs refinish and has a weak leg - (0-50 bucks) (yes free to 50) - no chairs

Let's just start with these 3 items - I'm sure I will have more.

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NWOutlier (Steve)