Author Topic: I am making a budgeting app and need some feedback  (Read 2315 times)


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I am making a budgeting app and need some feedback
« on: September 18, 2018, 04:51:20 AM »
(disclaimer : repost of the Entrepreneur subforum due to lack of traffic)

Hello there :)

I am Basile, and I am the maker of PyroHabit, a personal finance app.

Why I built this app :
Leaving college, I started wondering how much money would be enough money so that I don't work till my 70's, like most of my generation and the next ones probably will.
I started reading blogs on personal finance, more specifically the Mister Money Moustache blog.

During my end-of-study internship, I saved aggressively around 75% of my income at the time, by tracking my expenses in a google spreadsheet, developing good spending habits and living more simply.
Saving is nice, but you need to invest what you save. So I decided to invest in myself : since the beginning of this month, I am using all those savings to travel the world while launching my own tech products remotely as an indie business.

PyroHabit is the first product I made : it is a tool to help me reach an even greater freedom, by replacing my messy spreadsheets and adding new layers - to save the smart way.

What PyroHabit allows you to do at the moment :
- List your expenses (sort expenses by date, import/export in CSV, AES-256 encrypted data)
- Set financial goals (recurring or time-bounded spending goals, retirement calculator)
- Visualize charts (evolution of expenses by category over time)
- Set up unlimited custom categories

PyroHabit is a product that I want to be open and collaborative, so I build it using this public Trello board :

You can see there what I am currently trying to improve and where the product is heading.
For now, PyroHabit uses gamification (points, statuses ...) to help people develop spending habits.
The next milestone would be to use community and public accountability : making saving and simplicity the new cool by sharing your metrics and trying to improve with others.
I plan on releasing this "social update" over the next month.

But first I need some feedback on how to improve it :

- What kind of feature do you expect from the such a tool ?
- Is the value proposition clear enough ?
- How is the usability ?
- Would you use such a tool on a regular basis ? If no, why ?

The link to the web app :

Thank you for your help and I hope this tool can become useful in a near future ! :)