Author Topic: Help us design a new credit card that doesn't suck ($150 video call with IDEO)  (Read 868 times)


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Hey Mustachios - Originally sent this out to just Boston but realized we'd be silly to limit ourselves when there is so many awesome folks in this forum. Here is my schpiel:

Design firm IDEO (where I work!) is looking for folks who manage their financial or credit health in a crafty way. Are you a travel hacker? Obsessed with points? Have a robust spreadsheet? Let's chat!

We're working with a credit card company that wants to start a new card from scratch - can you come up a totally new kind of card? (And get your virtual hands dirty with us?)

We're scheduling 90 minute video chat interviews as early as this week and into the next (rolling application)

Compensation is $150 (Amazon Gift Card or Check). Fill out this survey to apply:

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Already a thread on this topic. Might get more interest if you bumped that thread, as the people who were following it would get notifications.
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