Author Topic: Hard Side Popup Camper 2017 Rockwood A122BH(SOLD!)  (Read 352 times)


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Hard Side Popup Camper 2017 Rockwood A122BH(SOLD!)
« on: December 17, 2018, 07:49:19 AM »
Looking to sell my relatively newish 2017 Rockwood A122BH hard side popup camper. I adore this thing and am questioning whether or not I actually wanting to sell it. The reduced drag when towing this thing is such an awesome advantage over conventional campers. You still get the security of hard sides and cold weather camping without the massive wall dropping your mileage to 10mpg!

Some basic specs/info:
19.17 ft.
A very light 2,267lbs! Smaller SUV's and many crossovers can easily pull this!
Front deck storage. (This is great for bikes, generator, coolers etc...)
26 gallon fresh water holding tank.
2 Propane Tanks
AC w/ heat pump(heat pump is simply a heater via the AC unit)
Propane Furnace
Refrigerator uses 3 sources, propane, 12V and 120V. The using the fridge on a single 20lb propane bottle can last weeks!
Outside shower
Radio with inside and outside speakers.
I added volt meters and USB charge ports inside.
Lots more!

Setting the walls up takes literally minutes! It's seriously easy. It has an electric actuated roof but the linear actuators fail all the time(read the forums). I'm looking to just install some gas cylinders to replace it as raising the roof is so insanely easy, the electric unit takes even longer.

PM me for more details and phone numbers. I don't have any pictures hosted anywhere yet(recommend a site?) but can send pics VIA text easily. I'll try and check back here often. $10,000 obo. Located in Michigan 48173.
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Re: Hard Side Popup Camper 2017 Rockwood A122BH(Michigan)
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