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FS: Bafang Electric mid-drive
« on: August 01, 2014, 01:13:38 PM »
Hi Mustaches,

Just putting a feeler out there...I have a 35 mile rountrip commute to work that I do a couple days a week via bicycle. I purchased a Bafang BBS02 electric mid-drive kit to convert my three speed cruiser to electric and it has made the commute SO much more enjoyable. Maybe not as badass, but I get to work with absolutely no sweat and feeling a bit tired but not exausted. I actually do the ride in my dress pants and dress shirt and shoes.

Anyway, the only problem is I don't ride enough to justify keeping it, since I need my car for work travel quite often. So, considering selling at this point. The kit was purchased from Lectric Cycles (great guy, LeGrand Crewse) online in February. I have less than 400 miles on the kit and battery. A few details:

-36v, 350w (650w peak) mid-drive system. Mounts just near the bottom bracket, and the crank/bb is integrated into the motor. I believe chainring is 48t. Top speed is about 26mph. Climbs hills easily, and you can utilize your gears on the bike to make it function like a car with a 5-9 speed (or whatever) transmission. Much more efficient than a hub motor.
-system uses either twist throttle or Peddle Assist Function (PAS). The PAS works really well, and means you don't have to hold the throttle the whole time. You kind of 'ghost pedal' (pedal but don't have to apply any pressure or effort unless you want to) and the system applies a level of assist (1-5). Seriously feels like someone is towing you with a rope. Stop pedaling and the motor cuts out.
-Battery is a 36v 10ah Lithium Maganese from AllCell Technologies in Chicago. Super reliable and well made with heat-management properties. Weighs less than 5 pounds, and measures about 12"x4"x4" aprox. Rated for 1,000-2,000 cycles, which will easily get you over 30,000 miles. Has less than 400 miles on it. Comes with smart charger. I ride it 18 miles one way to work, and it's not even at half a charge, so I bet you could get 30+ miles of riding on a single charge.
-Great for cargo bikes, or people hauling heavy loads. Or if you want to get to work faster with less effort.

I bought the system with battery for about $1,400 6 months ago. So this is not outdated technology or anything. I would like to get at least $900. I know that might be steep for this frugal bunch, but it is a quality kit and if you don't have a car, or bike a lot, might be worth it to you. Check out Lectric Cycles' website for details and let me know if interested. I'd be happy to answer any questions. Like I said, having an electric bike is like a dream, and if I was car free I would definitely consider keeping it, but right now I don't ride it enough to justify it. My loss, your gain. I'm in Delaware, if it makes any difference, but happy to ship.



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Re: FS: Bafang Electric mid-drive
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2014, 09:05:27 PM »
Assuming this is still available, are you willing to sell just the motor package?