Author Topic: 1998 Honda Accord Coupe, Chicagoland, $900  (Read 1198 times)


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1998 Honda Accord Coupe, Chicagoland, $900
« on: January 25, 2017, 12:31:14 PM »

This is mine. Make an offer, I'm asking $1,200 on craigslist and $900 here. More pictures are in the craigslist ad.

1998 Honda Accord Coupe EX
V6 engine
4 Speed Automatic
205,000 miles
Leather Seats
Brand new battery
Located in Chicagoland (West Suburbs)

Up for sale is a 1998 Honda Accord Coupe. This thing is sure to impress the ladies and/or the gents, and maybe both if that's what you're into! It is a good looking, comfortable car. Would be a great winter vehicle (which is what I use it for).

The good:

Relatively recent Sony CD player.
It's a red car. Everyone knows that red cars are the fastest.
Brand new battery
When driving it, women (or men) want you, and men (or women) want to be you
Extremely reliable and comfortable transportation; rides like a dream
Sunroof! Those are fun, right?
Your IQ instantly increases by 3 points just from driving it. It is a secret that only Honda owners know about (and now you, because I let you in on it)
The car once lived in Georgia. Know who else is from Georgia? Kanye West. That means this car is basically the same thing as Kanye West, which makes this car the Greatest Living Rock Star on the Planet. Take that, Mick Jagger!

The bad:

Hydraulics that hold the hood up are out. I have been using a baseball bat to hold it up (that does not come with the car, you'll have to figure something else out)
Some interior lights are out or don't work when the door opens.
The men (or women or both) that throw themselves at you when driving such a cool car makes it a real pain to get through a crowded street.
The power locks are iffy; I always check to make sure both doors are locked when I leave it
One of prior owners was a smoker and it has a very slight smoke smell. It isn't a strong smoke smell--I didn't notice it until my brother pointed it out--but it is there.
The leather seat on the drivers side has cracks/tears on the bolsters (see pictures)
I disconnected the parking brake because it was sticking. Assume that there is no parking brake.
The check engine light is on with the code P0420. Probably an O2 sensor, but I'm not going to look into it (doesn't need emissions for another 2 years)
You start to look down on drivers of other, lesser vehicles like Mercedes Benz and Tesla. They don't know what they're missing in such a fine automobile as this Honda. Sometimes you realize that the smugness has made you a person you don't like to be, and you get all bummed out.
The backlight for the odometer is out. I looked into replacing it but it was too much effort.
The temperature blender (for the climate control) is broken. You can have it all the way hot or all the way cold, but in the middle it makes a clicking noise like a cassette tape.
Something in the suspension is squeaking/creaking.
It needs either a new windshield wiper motor or linkage or both. Not quite sure what is going on with it.

The other:

The backlight for the clock is out. I have the bulb to fix this; if I get around to it I will replace it myself; if not, the light is included.
The clip holding up the sun visor broke. I replaced it with an OEM part, but it is a different color. I haven't noticed it.
Someone clipped my mirror in a parking lot. I replaced the mirror with one from a different mirror--that one is a folding mirror; the drivers side is not. I see that as an improvement, but if you care about matching them, it isn't exactly the same. You have to look pretty hard to notice though.
The transmissions on these cars are notoriously bad. When I got the car, I thought for sure that the transmission was on its last legs. I replaced the transmission fluid with genuine Honda ATF (ON A HONDA VEHICLE ONLY USE HONDA ATF)--meaning I filled it and drained it 3 times to make sure that the fluid in the torque converter was drained as well. The difference was night and day. Now it shifts well and for the most part smoothly--it still isn't a huge fan of cold weather and it isn't a huge fan of that first shift of the day, but I now think that the transmission has a lot of life left in it.
It has window tint on the driver's side, but not the passenger side--that was coming off so I finished the job. Passenger side window gets cranky going up and down.
It has 200k miles. It isn't in perfect condition. Bumpers are scratched, there is some slight rust, it has door dings and small scratches all the way around.
Someone prior to me put on aftermarket tail lamps. Not OEM--they don't look bad and they work, but it isn't original.
It has snow tires (Blizzaks) on steel wheels; these tires have good tread but are 7-8 years old now. They've been used for about 3 winters total and have probably another season in them but not too much after that. For $400 more, I can throw in a set of All Seasons (2 newish, 2 not so newish but still good) on Alloy wheels (ask for pictures).

I just bought this car in October. I would not be selling it, except that between then and now my wife and I adopted 2 large, elderly dogs, and we need something larger for the dogs. I may be interested in trades either straight up or partial (money on either side, but I'm curious as to what could possibly be worth less than this car and driveable) for anything that is more dog friendly, or a Miata. No, a Miata is not dog friendly. I just want a Miata.

May also be interested in acoustic guitars as trade fodder.

Asking $1,200. Cash only, other than the trades mentioned above. No warranty of any kind--you're buying a 200k mile car. It could die tomorrow in a fiery death, and I'd have nothing to do with it. But it is more likely to continue going on for another 100k miles or so, annoying you as it has me that it isn't just dying so you can buy something that you actually want.