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Carrying Water as a Way of Life
« on: May 15, 2018, 11:42:57 AM »
If you think you are frugal, you are not. This book is about a Linda Tatelbaum and her family, who moved off the grid to the great outdoors. The title refers to getting water daily from a well, with a bucket, and carrying it uphill a few hundred yards to the house. What activities can you forego so you don't have to take another trip up the hill? They started with just enough solar power for absolute necessities in their house, and plumbing did not make the cut.

This is a very thoughtful, philosophical book. The author does not assume you want to be like her. She is simply telling her story and describing her thought process about why what she did was right for her.

This gave me some real perspective on how to decide how frugal to be, and how to evaluate what I have to give up to crank down costs. You do not have to even approach being this simplistic to learn some wisdom here. I am pretty frugal, but Wow!, I can barely imagine being this frugal even having read the book.
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