Author Topic: Adam Smith was mustachian before his time: "live free, fearless and independent"  (Read 1674 times)


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Imagine my surprise when I discovered a perfect vision for financial independence from Adam Smith writing in 1759:

"Are you in earnest resolved never to barter your liberty for the lordly servitude of a court, but to live free, fearless, and independent? There seems to be one way to continue in that virtuous resolution: and perhaps but one. Never enter the place from whence so few have been able to return; never come within the circle of ambition; nor ever bring yourself into comparison with those masters of the earth who have already engrossed the attention of half mankind before you." Smith, Adam; The Theory of Moral Sentiments as quoted by Roberts, Russ; How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life - An Unexpected Guide to Human Nature and Happiness.

Yes, the same Adam Smith who published The Wealth of Nations in 1776. I've not read a better summary of the rat race. Hedge fund managers could not be described more clearly in their fight for fame and fortune.

My most hearty congratulations to fellow mustachians who have stepped away from the jangle and pull of ambition to the quiet clarity of living "free, fearless and independent." I recommend Russ Robert's book wholeheartedly for his careful explanations of Adam Smith's first book.


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Given my user name I thought it appropriate to comment. You would also probably enjoy the book in my signature.


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John Adams was also pretty baller with his finances. He was more into real estate.


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Very cool! PS - libertystache, I'm not seeing a signature on this browser. What's the book?

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John Adams was also pretty baller with his finances. He was more into real estate.

And let's not forget Dear Abigail who was shrewd as all get out and ran their finances and farming operations while he was gone.  She also melted down her silver to make bullets.