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"Coop" by Michael Perry
« on: May 12, 2016, 08:40:26 AM »
This is a memoir by a very good writer.  It's not sentimental, really, but touches on the writer's year of new parenthood and raising his own chickens and pigs on a small farm.  Perry is a funny writer and among other things writes fondly about his family's own frugality -- which allows him to make his living as a freelance writer and live the life they want.

I loved this gem (page 59):

"If I can continue to support my growing family on a freelancer's wages, I will have my wife to thank.  Early on in our courtship Anneliese picked me up for a date in a battered Honda and apologized, saying she was too cheap to spend money on a new car.  Unbeknownst to her, I found this comment the equivalent of a red satin nightie."

He goes on to tell more tales about her legendary frugality -- with great admiration and humor --  including buying a 25 pound bag of dried garbanzo beans, shopping at Goodwill, and buying shampoo on deep discount.  At its core, this book is really about someone living the rich life they want.  It is touching, sweet, and very very funny.  But he makes no bones about the fact that frugality is an important virtue.

Perry is a prolific writer.  This is only his second book I've read to date, but have plans to pick up more:

I should add that I purchased this book at my local charity thrift store for .50.  Michael Perry would be proud.