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Please delete- accidentally posted twice
« on: November 13, 2017, 02:50:23 PM »
I never thought I'd be asking about private school. I am the staunchest public school advocate. But here I am!

My oldest started K this fall and his schooling is thus far marked by several good days in a row followed by an absolutely awful day where he ends up in the principal's office for quiet time.

He is insanely high energy, (wakes up at 4-6am, goes to bed sometime between 9-11  and this is despite our excellent sleep hygiene practices and every type of sleep training imaginable), has impulse control issues, maybe some slight sensory issues (though we've had him evaluated twice for spectrum disorders at the encouragement of two daycares and have received a negative on those), is so sensitive that crying jags happen at least weekly, and is bright (he went from not reading at all in September to testing at 2nd grade level last week, and he just keeps improving).

He has a wonderful K-teacher who is in regular communication with me and is understanding of his quirks and she really does her best to work with his needs - but he is one of 26 students and there is only so much she can do. He ended his last week with excellent behavior all around. This morning he woke up crying because he didn't want breakfast, wiped out on the walk to school and apparently his day just went downhill from there (lot of talking over the teacher, bouncing up and down in his seat during quiet time, not giving his friends space, etc).

I'm leaning towards keeping him in his current class (because his teacher is wonderful!) and finding a child psych to deal with impulse and sensitivity issues but multiple people have also asked me if/when I'll be switching him to private. Also - am I doing a disservice to other children if I keep him in the class?

Has anyone used private school? It seems prohibitively expensive (twice as much as daycare) but if we cut way back on savings we could swing it.

I'm sort of at wits end. I have this amazing, enchanting child and I just want him and those that have to interact with him to be happy.

I'm looking for stories, anecdotes, ideas, whatever you guys have to send my way. I'm looking for wisdom. Both my parents and my DH's parents just say "you guys never behaved like, we don't know what is wrong" (not exactly helpful).

Thanks in advance for anything y'all have to offer.
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