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Mustachian treats
« on: May 26, 2018, 05:39:03 AM »
This morning my husband was working so I had to drag both kids grocery shopping at the cheap grocery store (kind of like Aldi's).  To make it more fun, I allowed them some mustachian treats along the way.  First, since we were walking and I was taking the granny cart, I let the kids bring their scooters to the grocery store - scooters make walking way more fun according to my kids.  Then when we got there the younger one was begging for candy but I said "no" and bought them pieces of pizza at the bakery counter instead (here in Italy, pizza is really cheap - just slightly more expensive than bread).  Healthy and cheap - and they were excited.  Later on today, older daughter is off to scout camp (Euro 10 for an overnight stay in an old convent plus train fare) so I'm going to take the younger one to have a gelato at our local place in the afternoon (euro 1.60 a cone and delicious). 

After she's in bed, husband and I are going to indulge in a glass of yummy local white wine (around Euro 2 a bottle so 50 cents a glass).