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Mustachian Teens
« on: August 11, 2017, 06:09:29 PM »
At 16, my son is hardly "mini" any more ... more of the Mustachian way is coming out in him. I'm calling him Ensign Peachfuzz.

We were coming home from a road trip with some friends. As happens, we had a gas stop, and everyone headed into the convenience store to use the restrooms, some bought snacks. [Not me or the Ensign.] Ensign P decided to amuse himself by calculating which food item in the store had the most calories for the least money. I followed him, pointing out foods he might have overlooked.

The cheapest turned out to be one of the candies, I forget which. It was even cheaper, per calorie, than cooking oil! We were both a bit surprised that sugar is cheaper than fat, even cheap fat. I think we were both a little grossed out.

The Ensign is finally old enough to have a debit card for his credit union account. As a junior in high school, he gets off campus privileges; the teens often go out to lunch, he may start dating ... plastic money is useful. We had a discussion about how much money he should get every month as "allowance". I figured around $50, enough to have some fun but not enough to be wasteful. I said nothing and waited for his suggestion ... "Mom, is $20 a month too much?"

Anyone else have any teen Mustache stories?
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Re: Mustachian Teens
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2017, 09:58:31 PM »
My then 13 y/o was supposed to go to Washington DC with his 8th grade class.  About a year before the trip, we were told the price would be about $450.  We decided we would pay for $300 and our son would be responsible to pay $150 and all his spending money.  The school does fundraisers, but they are more selling stuff oriented, so I was trying to steer him away from those.  I was brainstorming out loud some ways to get the money - sell toys/games don't want anymore, have his grandparents hire him for a decluttering/cleaning project, etc.

He blurts out "Why don't I just save xx amount from my allowance each week - I'll have it saved up in  x months.  I don't want to do extra work."

He started saving all his allowance and had $100 saved up in no time.  He had his portion all saved up about 9 months before the trip.


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Re: Mustachian Teens
« Reply #2 on: August 14, 2017, 06:42:15 AM »
We live near a local amusement park. My buddy's daughter is 16. All of her friends were going for the day. Admission and a day of fun is usually $100. She opted not to go because she didn't want to work 2 days for one day of fun. My buddy gave her the hundred bucks and told her to go as he was so proud. She looked at him and told him his money costs the same as hers. If she isn't willing to spend her money then it was just as wasteful to spend his. He was more than proud but kind of sad that she missed out on the fun. Turns out she hosted a bonfire in the back yard and all the kids came over the next night. I can only hope that my kids will get it like she does.