Author Topic: Best PC for College Kids 5-700$ all in HELP  (Read 375 times)


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Best PC for College Kids 5-700$ all in HELP
« on: September 12, 2018, 03:27:10 PM »
So the simple story is my kid is in Economics and he gave me a hell of a story for why I should by him a Apple 13" MacBook Pro and of course is sent a link and its $1249.00 Now hes doing well but I help him all the time and cave in on things But I went through this with my daughter as well and got some good advice on here and she ended up getting something different than the Apple she wanted for 5-700$ ish.

So 1) i told her know so I am not buying an Apple because 2) i Just cant afford it.

He is an Economics student and I know its more a peer pressure thing so I told him he better look at computers $600 all in after Taxes and shipping (so 700$ if 100$ student discount) .  So i need some help here. I already looked at Gazelle for a used apple that he wanted but they were sold out and again I really cant buy an Apple because its not fair to my daughter.  Some friends told me to wait a month that when all the new stuff comes out I will get a better deal on last year models.

So to simplify- What would you recommend (links would be great) for an Econ student in the price range of 5-700$ that has the best power, battery life and warranty. I went to consumer reports already and to be honest I am not very computer literate so its all hogwash to me. My Toshiba I have been using for 8+/- years and its been great and I use it every day.



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Re: Best PC for College Kids 5-700$ all in HELP
« Reply #3 on: September 12, 2018, 04:33:30 PM »
The best computer is the one he'll enjoy using. Consider telling him that you'll contribute what you paid for the sibling's computer & he can choose to come up with any additional for the computer he researches & wants. This way it's fair to the sibling & HE gets to choose what to spend (& how to earn it) & what computer to get, Mac or Windows. The slightly older Mac models will come down in price yet be fully warranted as new; I've purchased a previous model (from Amazon) when I preferred its configuration of ports, etc. The Apple Store online also sells refurbished models with a like-new warranty.

Disclosure: I love Macs, detest Windows, & I'm a computer professional. So does our DS, age 24, post graduate engineer. DH sticks with Windows but ends up with more computer issues than we ever do.