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Quick question about our "cool area" :) Has anyone checked out any of the bioluminescence kayak spots or done this before? Any tips?

We did this one about a year ago: It was cool, but only from a 'kayaking at night' perspective. The amount of bio-luminescence was NOWHERE like what the photos showed. The coolest part was when we pulled off to a little sandbar and the guide picked up some bio-luminescent critter (not sure what they were) and passed it around (he said it doesn't hurt them, so here's hoping!). That was very cool, but he also said it was surprising that we found them, that they aren't always out.

Hope that helps!

^ Yes, exactly what I was wondering, thanks Random Hangers! Like a lot of natural phenomena (meteor showers come to mind too), sounds like it's more low-key than they lead you to believe, but would still be interesting to check out :)