Author Topic: Oregon Mustachians! Mid-Willamette Valley Meetup. Salem/Corvallis/Albany/Eugene  (Read 226 times)


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Hello! I have another account on the forums, but do not reveal my location on that profile. However, there was not a mid-valley meetup, so I started one. Here is the link: If you're from Portland and want to drive down, that's fine too!

We don't have a first meetup scheduled, I figured I'd get some people joined up first.

Plan for the group: potluck style meetups in Salem/Corvallis/Albany/Eugene. Likely in parks, library community rooms, or people's homes if they volunteer. Suggestions welcome!


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Any mustachians interested in a Salem area "zone of totality" meetup on 8/21?  I have visions of parking lot tailgating breakfast, followed by a hike up a to a bluff-like viewing area.  Or open to any other suggestions. 
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