Author Topic: Nords (and several other bloggers) at CampFI South, Little Rock 7-10 Sep 2018  (Read 502 times)


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One more reminder for CampFI South-- now with a $75 discount!

Iím also offering free one-on-one 30-minute Q&A sessions.  With me. 

Camp FISouth (just outside of Little Rock) runs from Friday afternoon to Monday morning 7-10 September.   Use discount code ďMilitaryĒ at checkout.  (That's your discount, not my affiliate link.  I'm not making money from this.  You're welcome to use that code whether you're military or not.)
Itís at a retreat center on a 1200-acre campus with rustic motel rooms, a central dining room, and recreational facilities.

The organizer, Stephen Baughier, has already executed a number of successful CampFI weekends.  Iíve had tremendous value out of other CampFI events.  I thoroughly enjoyed CampFI Southeast in January and Iíve had serious FOMO for being unable to go to two others this year. 

You probably already know how this works.  CampFI has a couple of formal presentations on Saturday & Sunday (if you want to attend them).  The rest of the weekend is free time for networking, team building, using the campus recreational facilities, and talk story.  There will be yummy comfort food, board games, fire circles, possibly adult beverages, and indulgent snacks brought by us attendees.  Rumor is that there will be chocolate-coated macadamia nuts imported from Hawaii.
Instead of being in a gigantic conference room with hundreds of fans clustered around rockstar bloggers, this CampFI is limited to about 63 more people (besides Stephen, the other featured guests, me, and my spouse). 

Both Marge and I will be at CampFI South:  Iím giving a talk on "How I Wish I'd Invested Back Then" and answering all of your questions (for free).  Marge is also retired military who can answer your questions about the Reserves, dual-military work-life balance, and the glamorous empty-nester slow-travel lifestyle. 

Or we could just talk oceanography and hydrodynamics surfing.

This is part of our two-month Mainland itinerary.  It starts with my high-school reunion next week (Murrysville PA), includes a longer visit to our daughter and son-in-law in Norfolk, and eventually moves to Orlando for the twofer of the Military Influencer Conference and FinCon18 (23-25 and 26-29 Sep).
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Sounds fun. Have a blast.