Author Topic: Invitation to bike Ride in the East Bay this Sunday morning  (Read 381 times)


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Invitation to bike Ride in the East Bay this Sunday morning
« on: September 01, 2017, 07:34:06 PM »
Hi fellow bicyclists, bay area mustachians,
I am a long time reader here.
I (and some friends) organized a bike ride this Sunday that goes from San Leandro BART to Alameda and back.
(We have a long route and a short route option)

We also have a post-ride social at Drakes' Brewery afterwards.

I have attended/ organized a few of these ride+ social events this year. I founded this group called Bike Walk San Leandro and we do bike advocacy work in our little city. I also teach urban cycling classes to kids/ adults.
My group organizes these rides/ social events to build community, and to be a support system for newer riders, and help build the local urban biking presence.
All of our rides so far start at a BART station, includes on-street routes ( to show people different routes on how to get around to different places, also the group setting help newer riders feel more comfortable riding on the street), and usually rides that doesn't require special clothing or bikes.
It is been great fun and while I used to ride no more than 5-6 miles, these rides actually help me feel comfortable riding longer distance (7-20 miles on a commuter bike without special clothing or clipless pedals), and discover new routes to go to new places.
It is free, (but you have to pay for your own beer)
So if you have time this Sunday, feel free to join us. I know this is not a MMM meetup per se, and I hope it is okay to post here. I would love to ride and chat with some of you. If you can't make this one, it would be great to see if there is enough interests in having these types of rides/ socials for mustachian gatherings in the Bay Area.